Fine Art Paintings by Nicholas Jim

african wildlife in ART plus so much more

If you want a finished artwork on canvas, see our available artworks. We also have prints from the original artworks available at a better budget. Perhaps you want your thoughts turned in artwork or even better still you have a photo you desire to see it painted into art, just place a commission.

We have a great number of masterpieces shared worldwide to date and we are counting.

Fast artwork production and delivery

We Design and Ship

We produce artwork from scratch or from a photo

Fondest memories stored in Art

We produce originals on canvas & prints on paper

Paintings as you need them. .

We offer a reliable customer service 24/7

24/7 Delivery…

This is one of the things we do best

We turn Wildlife into Picture

..and yet one more thing we do best

We capture the best moments in life from nature’s very best.

What our clients say

Comments from all over the world

“Beautiful and refreshing paintings”

Anna Johnson


Eric Black

Jim’s Artwork never fails to amaze us everytime!

Meet the Artist.

The Artist from Different Perspectives

Meet the Founder, the Artist and the Visionary as well as the Creative Director

Nicholas Jim


With the Finished Works.

Nicholas Jim

The Visionary

Enjoying Outdoors on Field trips

Nicholas Jim

The Artist

A moment with the work

Nicholas Jim

Creative Director

The Office.

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We offer artwork services to all kinds of customers across the globe. Our shipping and mailing process is both transparent and reliable. We strive to ship the best at the earliest convenience with a customer satisfaction guarantee.